Tiny Things

Today we visited our first school in Boston, the Mission Hill school.
It was, again, a very interesting visit. I really saw some things that made me wonder and filled me with joy!
However, I also saw some things that I would do different. This mostely had to do with the total inclusion of special needs students. I believe it is better to work with special need students outside of the classroom, sometimes.

What I did like today, were the tiny things that I could really work with in my own classroom. Things that don’t require a whole team to stand behind them. The thing I really liked was the bag saying: Acts of Kindness. Just a tiny thing to make children more aware of doing something nice for one another. Also the way kids reflected on their learning: They had to share either someting they were proud of, something they worked hard on or something they’d learned. So cool! Third, they worked with a way to show in what zone of regulation they were… Green being a-okay, blue feeling tired, yellow feeling agitated and red meant really angry. I saw several kids today who were not in their green zone, and teachers who helped them get back to green.

What also was great, was the way a theme had been chosen: Chemistry. The teachers then tried to pin all the courses to this theme, like math, grammar, reading, writing, etc.
The way children were given ownership about their own learning was visible that way. Students were being led by the teachers more, than at other schools I saw. More was obligated. But then again, this way of working is closer to the way we do it at the John F. Kennedy. I could let children give more choices on how they would like to process information, even when the goals are set by me.

I know it won’t be easy, making large changes in a school, or in an organisation like SAAM.

Today I saw in this groep of 29 teachers the great difference in opinion about the meaning of the words structures and systems. It doesn’t mean we can’t change at all. But we do have to see eye to eye with the whole organisation, to be able to make it work.

Until then, I will just start with tiny things. See if they work, and keep the onces that do!

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  1. Koen, what a nice thought: have great ambition, but start with the tiny things. Be kind, work hard!

    Maby great difference in opinion about the meaning of the words structures and systems is a benefit. We have different perspectives on these words. That makes our dialogue strong. How do we use that to improve our desicions?

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