the journey – start

Arrived in the big Apple!

I am wondering and curious what this journey will bring me. A beautiful opportunity to meet (foreign and SAAM) colleagues and talk/inspire about education.
Education is a never ending story of evolution. As a professional, you are always looking to create the best for children and their future. What an opportunity is created by SAAM to ensure their employees get inspired for the CES-principles.
What an opportunity to develop myself!

I set myself tree goals to concrete my development:

1 Which goals do teachers give themselve and others preparing the lessons/themes?

2 What about the assessment for learning. Are children capable to show, on their own prepared way, wat they have learned and how they became better in it? How does / Does a school Judge this? Are parents part of this assessment?

3 In wich ways do teachers reflect themselves and others? What is the role of the principal/management during this cooperation?

By blogging, I will inform about my development and goals. Changing education is difficult. It needs inspiration and inspirators. After this trip I hope to be inspired and that I will become the inspirator. I will end with a dutch quote which says it is difficult to change the system:
“Nieuwe ideeën ontwikkelen is niet moeilijk. Ontsnappen aan de oude wel.”

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  1. Emiel, inspiratie zal je zeker krijgen. Al was het maar door in een heel andere omgeving naar mooi onderwijs te krijgen. Het stellen van doelen aan jezelf en reflecteren op je eigen handelen zijn mooie richtvragen van jou. Ik ben benieuwd naar je reflecties en inspiratie komende week.
    Groeten Sandra

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