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Yes, yes, yes! The trip to the Big Apple and Boston is almost there. For me, I wanted to go at this journey since 2018. Now, almost 5 years later, I can finally join this adventure. So let´s do this!

In my carreer I worked at three different schools. At these schools I saw simularities in the way they teach their children, but also a lot of differences. I learned a lot about myself as a teacher and I am still learning every day. I know what I am capable of and what kind of teacher I want to be. In my opinion all student are different and unique. You can not teach them all the same. Students want to be seen and the space to find out who they are. Making room for their development, failures and succeses, will lead to happy and confident people.

Inclusivity in education is at this moment an actual topic within SAAM, our founding. We want to welcome all children in our schools. It demands a different mindset, than we had before. It expects that all collegues want the same and let go of some thoughts or opinions.  We are not there yet, but by taking small steps we can make it work.

With this journey I want to experience how inclusivity is intertwined in the education of the schools we are going to visit. I will focus at the way of teaching and what the teachers need or do to make it work. 

Learning is essential for everybody! 

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  1. Anne, it is great to read about the way you look at education and your important role in it as a teacher. Inclusion is a big topic in our country. I do hope you will find answers to your questions. Don’t forget to focus on the aspects you, as a professional, can influence. One teacher can make the difference for a student! Wishing you a trip filled with insights and inspiration for your work at our SAAM schools.

  2. Lieve Anne,
    Wat voor moois ga jij meenemen vanuit Amerika? Daar ben ik echt zo benieuwd naar!
    Als ‘buur’ heb ik gezien wat voor grote rol jij als leerkracht kunt hebben voor kinderen, ik weet zeker dat je dit terug gaat zien. Next level!

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