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People are gifted, you only have to see it

A saying who makes us think about our students. The principal gave the beautiful example of their most gifted visual artist. He was the best they ever had in visual art, but what you didn´t know or see was that he has autism. It is the way you look at students. They are blessed with many talents, you only have to see them.

Devoted school staff is what we saw at Boston Arts Academy. In the name you can find the word Art. Art is a way of expressing yourself. The young adults at their school use the art to feel social, emotional stronger. The expectations are high and students work hard to achieve their goal. Teachers guide and coach them. The teachers who give the academics also involve the arts in their lessons, because it is so important for their students. The connection/relation they all have with them is very valuable. They feel safe, accepted and feel free to show what they can.

In the learning centres are teachers who have a strong relationship with the students. Most of the time there are students with a special need. Together they figure out what they need at that moment. If it is necessary they give teachers feedback in their approach and contact parents. It takes a whole village to raise a child. We have to do it together.

Approaching students in a positive way is a valuable thing in their way of learning. Sometimes it is hard to see the positive thing, but we still have to try. ‘I like your way of thinking, can you tell me how you do it?’, ‘I need you to stay with me, because I need you’, ‘I see you struggling, but I also see that you kept trying. Good job’ Those quotes gives the students the feeling that they are seen by the teacher and in the same way you motivate them. The involvement will increase in your lessons.

Be the best version of yourself. You are the greatest project you will ever work on.

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