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New York in a day

The time right now is 03.20. Okay, to be fair, that is the time in the Netherlands. In America it is 21.20. Because yes, I am finally here! It seems so long ago that we had our first meeting with all the CES participants. Time has flown by. Just like today. Yesterday was just getting something to eat and take a quick peak at Times Square. Today we could plan the day ourselves, rain or not. We decided to check out the National Museum of History. After that it was time for some shopping. From comic books to the Harry Potter store to Korean skincare. Just getting there was an experience in itself. Buying the metro card was done with the help of a very nice, and heavily armed, police officer. Figuring out how to read the metro lines took some time, but we figured it out. It is certainly an efficient way of getting around in this city, size half the size of our province Utrecht. Above ground we spend most time looking around at the skyline, waved at Dubliners through The Portal and admired the beautiful buildings. It is surreal what sizes some of them are. Our hotel already has 39 floors. Tomorrow will be the first time visiting a school and I am very much excited. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this school. To be continued.

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  1. Day 1 done, so much to see and to do! You’re a very curious person (in a good way, of course!) Can’t wait to hear more when you visit the schools.

  2. Wat een belevenis Joëlle. Geweldig! Laat alles maar goed tot je komen. We zijn benieuwd naar je verhalen.

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