My study trip to America

I’m very excited to embark on my upcoming study trip to America. I will be visiting a number of schools in New York and Boston. We will be exploring the CES principles with my colleagues.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the role of the teacher in the development of the children and learning more about the educational system. I’m eager to explore the various approaches to teaching that are used in the United States.

I am hoping to gain insight into how the educational system is supported by the government and how the local community is involved in the educational process.

I’m sure that I’ll get to see some amazing sights and meet some amazing people during my trip. I’m confident that this study trip will be an unforgettable experience.

I’m sure that I will learn a great deal and that I will come away with a new perspective on teaching and education. 

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  1. Zeker weten dat deze reis je ‘rugzak’ vult met allerlei moois.
    Ben benieuwd wat voor leuke ideeën je voor ons mee terug neemt.

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