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Learning with the hart

What a beautiful day we had at Parker high school. A day with a golden edge. Not only we had the best weather today but mostly because what we saw, felt en heard . They are learning with the hart, which meens  that they put the person first, and the lessons to be learned after that.

Looking into the classrooms, I wanted to see the lessons of a teacher named Lia. She would deal with an essay today. This could of course be a ‘boring’ lesson, but not in Lia’s lesson. She taught this lesson with so much love and dedication that it left me speechless. Why? Because she left the ownership at the student, was facilitating in the right way and provided such a safe en secure climate. 

One of the students had written an essay. It was about self-confidence. Or actually more about the lacking self-confidence. Everyone was given time to read the essay carefully. It was nicely written showing the vulnerability of the student at all times.

After everyone read it, Lia asked the other students  to give their opinion about the essay using the rubics they determined. I think they adopted a Socrates way, because the student himself was only allowed to listen. Full of love, respect and self-reflection, the students gave the tops and tips. I was impressed by the extremely intelligent and strong verbal feedback of these students. In addition to substantive feedback, they were also able to identify personal vulnerabilities. It really touched me. 

Lia was in contact with all the students that were in her class. She made eye contact and nodded at each answer. She frames when needed, added something if necessary but she was mostly quiet and listening. 

Because it was about self-confidence, we would probably intervene quickly. But Lia didn’t do this. Well, you might think that this could harm the student, but that was not the case at all. When the student was allowed to respond to what had been said about his essay, he was grateful and pleasantly surprised at all the help he received from his fellow students. He took all the advice, would process it and turn in an even better essay, he said.

When we asked Lia how it is possible that they were able to receive feedback from each other at such a high level, she said: We are in good contact with each other. Both me and the students have worked together on being vulnerable and getting better from there. We wish each other a bright future. And we do this from our heart.

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  1. Leren vanuit het hart! Eerst het kind en elkaar zien en dan pas de les! Geweldig! Nu al zin om hier je verhalen over te horen.

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