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Dancing in harmony together

During our visit to the Central Park East school, we meet the principal who tells us all about his school and the vision of the school. We also meet Bruce. Bruce is an intelligent man with a humble attitude. 

Bruce is retired but can’t let go of the children at this school yet. When you get into a conversation with him, you see the passion for working with children in his eyes. He shows us all the classes and explains all about the things the children and teachers are doing that day.

He talks passionately about what he sees, how they have shaped Project Based Learning, how you can tell whether a child is learning, how you can turn a moment of frustration into a moment of learning and so on.

What is it that a man like Bruce knows how to win us all over.

In addition to his knowledge and skills, he is a man who talks lovingly about the children and his colleagues. A man who knows what he is talking about, but also is full of passion and enthusiasm.

If we can keep wise people like Bruce into the school, men and women who can make well-considered choices which come right from their soul and have the salvation to get the children to a deeper level of thinking and acting, we can be very grateful.

Words like ‘kids are creators, lets give them the sparkle’ and ‘learning is like dancing in harmony together’ are from Bruce. How much we can learn from people like Bruce. 

Let’s dance together, in harmony and give the kids the sparkle!

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