Learning with the hart

What a beautiful day we had at Parker high school. A day with a golden edge. Not only we had the best weather today but mostly because what we saw, felt en heard . They are learning with the hart, which meens  that they put the person first, and the lessons to be learned after that. […]

Dancing in harmony together

During our visit to the Central Park East school, we meet the principal who tells us all about his school and the vision of the school. We also meet Bruce. Bruce is an intelligent man with a humble attitude.  Bruce is retired but can’t let go of the children at this school yet. When you get […]

Preach like you teach, teach like you preach.

After a day of touring around New York, we are ready for the ‘real’ work. Visiting schools. On the evening before departure, I check the website of this school again. A nice quote from the site that stays with me: ‘We believe that children are creators of meaning in their own lives’. With these wise […]


We will leave for America in about three weeks. I’m really looking forward to this. We are currently discussing beautiful topics at school. Dilemmas and expectations, pedagogical action, loving framing, not excluding anyone, inclusive education, your own life script and action, organizing differently. How beautiful is it to be able to enjoy a journey full […]

A preview last weekend…

Last weekend I was able to enjoy two American friends who came over and stayed at my place. And of course I spoke enthusiastically about my school and the upcoming study trip. Together we discussed the education systems, the attention to the children, the guidance of teachers and the ownership that children can (or cannot) […]

My study trip to America

I’m very excited to embark on my upcoming study trip to America. I will be visiting a number of schools in New York and Boston. We will be exploring the CES principles with my colleagues. I’m looking forward to experiencing the role of the teacher in the development of the children and learning more about […]