Amerikanen Op Bezoek

A preview last weekend…

Last weekend I was able to enjoy two American friends who came over and stayed at my place. And of course I spoke enthusiastically about my school and the upcoming study trip.

Together we discussed the education systems, the attention to the children, the guidance of teachers and the ownership that children can (or cannot) handle. 

They were very interested in the educational concept of developmental and experiential education (EGEO concept). The golden triangle of child-parent-school was an extremely important foundation. You end up doing it together is what they said. 

What in-depth conversations we had. 

And of course we visit some really Dutch places. We made a trip to the Rotterdam market hall, the cube houses and Kinderdijk. It was just like the Dutch postcards they said! Although without an umbrella 😉

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  1. Hi Marian,

    I think the relationships within the golden triangle are key!
    Teachers who really connect with their students, with their parents and with each other, can make high qualty education possible.
    Let’s see how schools in the US make this happen, let’s talk about it while we’re there, and let’s bring home some beautiful inspiration for your colleagues at the Fonkeling!

  2. en bij deze blog…
    denk ik ook nog even aan hoe de cultuur de context van de school het leren de ontwikkeling bepaalt.
    Da’s mooi om mee te nemen Marian.
    Benieuwd in wat je ook daarvan gaat zien. Want het is dezelfde maar tegelijkertijd zo’n andere wereld in NYC en Boston.

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