Dancing in harmony together

During our visit to the Central Park East school, we meet the principal who tells us all about his school and the vision of the school. We also meet Bruce. Bruce is an intelligent man with a humble attitude.  Bruce is retired but can’t let go of the children at this school yet. When you get […]

Dear colleagues

Dear colleagues, Finally some time to text you all. The time difference of 6 hours often makes that difficult. We have now visited 3 schools. Brooklyn New School and Central Park East 1 in NYC. Two primary schools that really give all children opportunities. Everyone follows the same lesson which is often a group discussion […]

Preach like you teach, teach like you preach.

After a day of touring around New York, we are ready for the ‘real’ work. Visiting schools. On the evening before departure, I check the website of this school again. A nice quote from the site that stays with me: ‘We believe that children are creators of meaning in their own lives’. With these wise […]


Gisteren hebben we een bezoek gebracht aan Boston Arts Academy. Op deze school werden kinderen aangenomen aan de hand van hun ‘kunstpresentatie’. Laat zien wat je goed kan m.b.t. dansen, zingen en creëren. Dit mochten de leerlingen doen op hun eigen manier. Scores op het gebied van rekenen en Engels worden niet bekeken bij het […]

Learning conditions

When I’m writing this, I already visited 3 amazing schools, Brooklyn New School (BNS), Central Parc East 1 (CPE1) both in NYC and today Boston Arts Academy (BBA). Three different schools and yet so many similarities. I felt happy, cheerful when I walked into these schools. What is it that makes me feel this way? […]